Grindra€™s United States safety evaluation disclosures contradicted statements made to others

Situated in West Hollywood, California, Grindr is especially popular among homosexual boys and has countless customers.

Whenever Grindr Inca€™s Chinese proprietor sold standard matchmaking software to a buyer consortium just last year to follow a U.S. nationwide security screen order, the parties on the deal gave facts to bodies that contradicted disclosures to potential people and Chinese regulators, Reuters has actually read.

They informed the panel on international financial investment in the us (CFIUS) that James Lu, a Chinese-American business person that is now Grindra€™s president, didn’t come with earlier business relationship with a key adviser with the dealer, a person known as Dinga€™an Fei, in accordance with a Reuters report about the partiesa€™ created submissions to CFIUS.

Fei, a former personal equity manager, was acting as an adviser to Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd, Grindra€™s manager at the time, on package, the files reveal.

a€?The investors and Dinga€™an Fei posses never carried out businesses collectively inside their personal capacities ahead of the recommended purchase,a€? Kunlun and investor team, labeled as San Vicente Holdings LLC, published to CFIUS in a response dated March 27, 2020.

But whenever Lu ended up being increasing funds buying Grindr inside second half of 2019 and very early 2020, prospective people comprise told through enterprises helping him raise the money that Fei ended up being involved in the efforts with your in several capacities, overview of four various fundraising records shows.

The duo had in addition completed businesses collectively in other ventures: Fei was actually a part in the panel of a Chinese cafe operator by which Lu supported as chief executive officer, per that restaurant businessa€™s 2018-2019 yearly report.

The differences and omissions inside the partiesa€™ reaction to U.S. authorities, reported by Reuters the very first time, could encourage another assessment from CFIUS, based on six former U.S. officials and lawyers acquainted the panela€™s procedures. If CFIUS are to obtain the comments were not real, it may trigger civil penalties and unlawful costs under the untrue report conditions of U.S. penal code, they stated.

a€?If an exchange is accepted centered on misrepresentations, might better invalidate the endorsement of transaction,a€? said Brent McIntosh, just who supported since Treasury under-secretary in charge of CFIUS if the Grindr deal was eliminated. McIntosh decreased to touch upon the particulars of Reutersa€™ conclusions.

San Vicente spokesman Taylor Ingraham said that a€?a complete and accurate membership of James Lua€™s commitment with Dinga€™an Fei, along with their investments and companies activities in Asia, ended up being given to CFIUS before the agencya€™s affirmation of San Vicente Holdingsa€™ purchase of Grindr.a€?

Ingraham dropped in order to make Lu, who owns a 17per cent stake from inside the buyera€™s team, designed for a job interview. Lu, Fei, Kunlun and Grindr did not respond to emailed desires for opinion.

CFIUS additionally the U.S. Treasury section, which chairs CFIUS, wouldn’t reply to requests for comment.


The documentation evaluated by Reuters add a resume for Lu that was come up with by activities meant for the CFIUS software. Even though the resume databases spots going back to 2002, it generally does not mention several of his companies dealings in Asia. Specifically, Chinese regulatory filings showcase Lu try chairman of a Chinese investments company, where an area authorities will be the vast majority shareholder.

Scott Flicker, a regulating lover at lawyer Paul Hastings LLP who was not active in the Grindr circumstances and examined Reutersa€™ results, stated CFIUS may wish to realize about Lua€™s businesses dealings in China whenever determining whether their last could possibly be used by Beijing to undermine him.

a€?It is actually probably pertinent information for your CFIUS analysis. The integrity of acquiring party is applicable to your matter of danger of exploitation,a€? Flicker said.

However, some attorneys played along the chance that CFIUS would reopen the assessment. They mentioned there is no openly understood precedent regarding the board previously creating done this. Had been CFIUS to determine misstatements in an assessment, it would likely do something only when they somewhat raised the danger of a transaction damaging nationwide protection, mentioned Alexis beginning, a regulatory partner at law firm master & Spalding LLP who had been not active in the Grindr price.

Reuters cannot determine whether San Vicente and Kunlun revealed those activities to CFIUS subsequently.

Reuters initial reported in regards to the connections between Lu and Fei in Summer of just last year, after CFIUS got already authorized the sale of Grindr to San Vicente for $620 million. Reuters could not see whether CFIUS have used any action after that Reuters document.

Since then, Reuters keeps assessed three units of private penned issues that CFIUS delivered to the activities, their reactions in their mind and lots of encouraging records. Reuters couldn’t determine whether CFIUS realized in the particular discrepancies reported in this post when it approved the offer last year.

Ingraham couldn’t comment on whether there are any extra marketing and sales communications with CFIUS beyond the set of questions and solutions observed by Reuters.


Situated in western Hollywood, California, Grindr is very preferred among homosexual boys and has now millions of consumers. CFIUS ordered Kunlun, a Chinese cellular games business, in May 2019 to sell Grindr, giving they about a-year to accomplish the offer. The action was actually among a few activities america grabbed in recent years against Chinese firms.

Reuters previously stated that Kunlun was actually bought to divest Grindr because U.S. bodies worried personal data about Americans could belong to Beijinga€™s possession. here

Lu begun increasing money from external investors for any Grindr acquisition inside the several months following the CFIUS order, based on the fundraising documentation together with feedback to CFIUS. Lu first found funds for the acquisition through a fund also known as Duo investment, and later an entity also known as TGL investment.

Inside fundraising paperwork, Fei is termed as associated with the resources in various approaches, including as a call person for Duo Capital, a part of exterior advisory staff of Duo investment so when a co-leader of TGL investment. Reuters would never find out more about their part or by themselves verify the information and knowledge.

The connections between Fei and Lu stumbled on CFIUSa€™ focus throughout the overview. Inside third group of inquiries, CFIUS questioned, a€?try Mr. Ding An Fei of TGL Capital (previously acknowledged Duo money) exactly the same Dingan Feia€? who is noted as a€?an person that should get notices on behalf of Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd?a€?

Within their March 27, 2020 response, the people refused any links. a€?Neither Dinga€™an Fei nor someone else utilized by or representing Kunlun has actually actually ever conducted a posture with TGL Capital, Duo funds, or San Vicente,a€? they published.