‘Appreciate And Hiphop Atlanta’ Superstar Tommie Lee Might-be Relationships Rob Kardashian — In Accordance With Wendy Williams

Rob Kardashian enjoys kept from the spotlight of their family members’ real life tv show empire since his commitment with Blac Chyna melted lower for us all to look at in real time. After that, he walked away through the cameras and made a decision to keep his lifetime private.

Today, there is information he may getting combined up with possible star — at the least based on Wendy Williams in preceding movie, this is certainly. Rumor enjoys it that Kardashian and appreciate and hiphop Atlanta star Tommie Lee have started matchmaking. The proposed few actually Instagram specialized or things as severe as that, but gossip have sufficient steam that Williams keeps discussed about all of them on her behalf show recently. Williams was actually wanting to alert Kardashian far from his possible brand new fancy.

Today Lee try mad at Williams and lashing around at the woman on social media marketing. Who’s Tommie Lee and is she really matchmaking Rob Kardashian?

1. That Is Tommie Lee?

First and foremost Tommie Lee isn’t Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue. This Tommie Lee are a promoter who was featured on several seasons of admiration and Hip Hop Atlanta. The lady given name is Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson and she 1st turned up from the truth series in period five when she was actually dating rap artist Scrapp DeLeon. She caught around for several a lot more conditions and delivered a number of crisis into show, maybe not minimal of which got due to the woman continuous alcoholism.

Lee got on really love and Hip Hop.

2. Tommie Lee enjoys very the variety of mug photos.

Along with their work as a music promoter and truth tv series star, Lee possess quite a history of violent activity. She’s got allegedly started detained at least one time a year since 2003. The lady past expense include things like forgery, scam, operating without a license, power supply, and shoplifting. She also keeps accurate documentation for hijacking a bus (she’s never ever elaborated throughout the details of that tale). She got many attention in 2018 whenever she had been arrested on the grounds of the woman child’s school for turning up drunk and attacking her center school-aged daughter. She slashed a package in her own youngsters cruelty case and averted prison, supplied she remains away from challenge for the next ten years.

3. exactly what have Rob Kardashian already been around?

Kardashian have remained outside of the general public eyes for since 2017, best appearing regularly at families events. The guy withdrew from their family’s fact kingdom following really public dissolution of their connection with Blac Chyna after their particular girl fancy came to be. The onetime couple had it out on in market with a string of cheating accusations, punishment accusations, plus some payback pornography.

In addition to possibly experiencing used up because of the spotlight, Kardashian enjoys battled significant anxiety previously. That, plus fat problems need allegedly produced your loathe to bring a public part once more.

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4. become Rob Kardashian and Tommie Lee dating?

The newest online hearsay say that Lee and Kardashian is linked romantically but there’sn’t any proof this we are able to find. No Instagram comments, no tweets, and no photo of the two of these away at occasions. All we is actually various sites that state something is going on but no proof of a relationship.

5. precisely what does Wendy Williams pertain to this?

Williams chose to tackle the gossip and drop some advice on Kardashian from collection of this lady tv series — start to see the movie over. “Listen, Rob, all Im stating are, you’ve got accomplish better within alternatives in life. Be it business, individual, household or whatever,” she mentioned. “Tommie Lee, and I also have no idea, all I am stating was — you understand how occasionally you screw up in daily life and fare better? Maybe she is undertaking better in life, and this lady has recommended by herself more of a much better lady to https://www.datingranking.net/escort-directory/riverside Rob.”

Lee failed to bring kindly to Williams’ statement and fired back on social media. In a now-expired Instagram story, Lee penned, “Wendy i shall roast yo butt entirely back again to ya dealership bitchh you’re going to be DOA once I finish ya relax sis! Dog face bitch!”

In a moment post she wrote, “We dare Wendy Williams to a roast period! Nothing off-limits let’s Gooo hoe.”