About Indian Water, Chatterji and you can Ansari (1985) checked-out intimate dimorphism into the W-L matchmaking getting eastern African dolphinfish

Hogarth (1976) described an excellent W-L matchmaking having wahoo centered on study on the sport fishery from the New york coast

About Hawaii commercial longline, troll, and you may handline fisheries for highly migratory pelagic kinds, one another dolphinfish (mahimahi), Coryphaena hippurus, and you will wahoo (ono), Acanthocybium solandri, are incidentally caught and so are out-of second characteristics to tunas, Scombridae, and you will billfishes, Istiophoridae. The relative variety, market consult, and seemingly reduced proportions sign up for their supplementary character. However, as the anyone became far more conscious about their health regarding the later 1970’s, coupled with the brand new decline of several fisheries, the need for both dolphinfish and you may wahoo enhanced. (1) Within the 2003, the final season for which complete Hawaii state fishery landings was basically amassed, 596 t away from dolphinfish and you will 446 t regarding wahoo have been landed by commercial fishery within the Hawaii. (2)

Since notice regarding fishery management broadens to add a greater selection of varieties for the marine ecosystems, an ever-increasing you want is present to test connect research on the species trapped in addition. Weight-on-length (W-L) and you can length-on-lbs (L-W) relationship are necessary to convert within-ocean size specifications to loads, ine designs inside seafood updates which can render skills to the reproductive life background and you may environment.

Of a lot W-L predictors have been typed having dolphinfish; these types of dating was basically discussed regarding the Mediterranean sea (Bannister, 1976; Massuti mais aussi al., 1999); eastern tropical Atlantic (Castro et al., 1999), western tropical Atlantic together with Carribean (Oxenford and you will Hunte, 1986b; Oxenford, 1999), new Straits of Fl (Beardsley, 1967), Gulf of mexico while the Gulf of mexico Weight (Gibbs and you can Collette, 1959), and you may Vermont waters (Schuck, 1951; Rose and you will Hassler, 1968). Throughout the Pacific, W-L predictors have been explained to own dolphinfish ca (Lasso and you can Zapata, 1999), the entire Pacific Sea (Takahashi and Mori, 1973); The state (Tester and you will Nakamura, 1957); and Taiwan on the western Pacific (Wang, 1979). Hence, all these training tested fish into the communities distant out-of Their state. Brand new solitary Hawaiian study–fish caught out-of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu–try centered on a relatively few dimensions getting mostly .juvenile seafood (Tester and you may Nakamura, 1957), and is also ineffective getting discussing the full size range of dolphinfish that’s commercially arrived during the Their state.

Where lots of W-L predictors to have dolphinfish were explained global mingle2 fiyatları, only about three had written accounts (Iversen and you will Yoshida, 1957; Beardsley and you will Richards, 1970; Santana, et al. (3)) and you may an effective PhD. thesis (Hogan, 1976) have described W-L matchmaking getting wahoo. A recently penned comment towards the wahoo throughout the western Main Atlantic part because of the Oxenford mais aussi al. (2003) mentioned about three other knowledge in the a table of several morphometric relationship. Beardsley and you can Richards (1970) considering a W-L relationship to own wahoo away from the southern part of Fl playing with studies taken from taxi-dermists. Santana ainsi que al. (3) revealed the newest W-L dating out of wahoo stuck around the Canary Countries regarding east Atlantic Ocean. In the Pacific Sea, Iverson and you may Yoshida (1957) offered a beneficial W-L matchmaking having wahoo trapped in the Range Islands about equatorial central Pacific.

There has not yet started a thorough comparison to your W-L dating getting wahoo stuck in the Island destinations

Very migratory management species (tunas, billfishes, dolphinfish, wahoo, or any other by the way stuck kinds) was stuck of the local fisheries doing Hawaii and offered within nearby fish market. New Their state-oriented longline fishery has provided a lot of the dolphinfish and you may wahoo arrived at seafood auction, but the troll fishery, bait vessels, and handline fishery (i.age. deep-sea handline, ikashibi, and you may palu-ahi) also provide contributed significantly so you’re able to overall landings (NMFS, 2001). Wahoo landings level inside pounds in-may and are low inside December-January. Dolphinfish landings top during the lbs about springtime and you may again during the brand new fall. (2)