Once the WuHuan did numerous bad content concealed as the FengRan, today FengRan is in large trouble

BaiJue is becoming who owns the latest Beautiful Palace. But FengRan remains added to prison which will be punished. Nevertheless the positive thing try, BaiJue simply made it happen never to aware new challenger, the guy doesn’t in fact found it FengRan.

MuGuang however does not believe that WuHuan is exercising Demon time. BaiJue including believes one to ShangGu wouldn’t favor WuHuan in the event the she is actually evil…. (oh guy, they are completely wrong)

High, BaiJue believes JingZhao, and you can trusts the woman. BaiJue is also making numerous opposition, since QingMu is finished. BaiJue in addition to advised MuGuang to allow WuHuan out of the Nether Business.

Think about when HouChi try expecting? Better, discover an issue. In reality, two. To begin with, QingMu is fundamentally nonexistent. Second, the brand new HouChi can’t feel the newborns spiritual fuel. HouChi learns you to QingMu try BaiJue, and BaiJue has returned.

Recall the swing that he skilled ShangGu?

[Ep 39] HouChi doesn’t believe BaiJue will disregard their, as the she however thinks that he is QingMu. However, FengRan verifies it. HouChi would like to get out of new Undetectable Slope to allow your myself tell the girl he cannot contemplate this lady any longer.

HouChi matches BaiJue. BaiJue doesn’t state anything whenever HouChi asks regarding in the event the he is QingMu. BaiJue shared with her you to she looked like ShangGu, but was not her. They are most really extremely cool so you can HouChi. BaiJue shared with her you to QingMu died. HouChi nearly despises BaiJue now. JingZhao is even indeed there observe the lady at the such as for example a minimal area.

BaiJue flashbacks in order to memory away from SHangGu, and you will becomes kinda happy for a while, then again will get unfortunate. He eliminated you to definitely. He in addition to flashbacks in order to as he put ShangGu’s soul into the egg, hence later on hatched HouChi. Thus the guy knows that HouChi is actually ShangGu.

[Ep 40] Works out, BaiJue knew essentially that which you, but simply pretended never to know what you. He along with deliberately discrete WuHuan, while the she attacked your. BaiJue and believes to marry JingZhao. Ends up, it’s his intend to get HouChi to help you hate your.

HouChi matches ShangGu during the a dream. JingJian takes on chess that have an imaginary nonexistent QingMu, so JingJian plays one another himself and you can QingMu, whenever you are BaiJue observe him. GuJun arrangements playthings/clothes to possess HouChi’s kid when looking very disheartened.

WuHuan suspects you to definitely FengRan ‘s the Phoenix Queen’s daughter. BaiJue’s feather phone calls FengRan to go somewhere, to share with the lady the lady delivery rank. Nonetheless it actually is WuHuan tricking the woman. FengRan actually is the Phoenix Queen’s daughter. WuHuan agreements into the drawing FengRan’s strength inactive.

From the QingMu’s tomb, HouChi watched a beneficial “video” out of QingMu advising their everything you, throughout the BoXuan, BaiJue, etc an such like, and you will tells their which he likes the lady

HouChi continues to be unaware and you will does not believe that QingMu passed away. Oh my personal, QingMu did not be aware that HouChi are expecting. Ouch. It’s more of like a flashback that he registered getting HouChi in the event that the guy passes away.

[Ep 41] It’s BaiJue and you can JingZhao’s relationship. HouChi comes to interrupt the marriage. She attempts to tell Divorced dating BaiJue/QingMu that she’s expecting, but he disrupts this lady. JingZhao uses the girl secret to smack HouChi, and you may oh snap, BaiJue is pissed, but the guy are unable to reveal it because the he could be marrying JingZhao and it’s section of his bundle. WuHuan as well as slaps the woman. Whenever bringing slapped, HouChi’s hairpin dropped (one that QingMu gave the lady)

WuHuan starts harming HouChi, and you may BaiJue is even alot more pissed. BaiJue says to this lady to end, however, she doesn’t end, so GuJun should been save your self the day. Oh son, GuJun is also much more pissed you to definitely BaiJue.

HouChi wants Baijue to help you divorce the lady before all others. In the event the he will it, up coming she wouldn’t bother your. The guy can it, no matter if he cannot genuinely wish to.