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Individuals from America as well as the British Commonwealth seem to be into the the newest moral and spiritual status of the people out of Israel and you can Judah on the duration of Amos. People in God’s chapel emerge from such as a scene. Exactly as Israel’s blessed condition turned into a good curse, so would it be with the Religious exactly who sooner or later rejects his getting in touch with (Hebrews 6:4).

“Behold, I’m weighed down by you, as the a cart that is overloaded which is laden up with sheaves. One particular fearless guys out of you will should flee naked where date,” says the lord. (Amos 2:13-16)

The newest text of verse thirteen provides two choice. The very first is you to Jesus, in exasperation, refuses to carry His anyone any longer, as a whole might establish a burden which is fat. Another possibility photo a greatly stacked cart that have a reduced wheel that carves deep ruts throughout the street and you can throws its occupants with the ditches. The newest perspective means new hefty stream ‘s the smashing load away from sins one impede Israel away from becoming on the “the new straight and slim” (Matthew eight:14).

Therefore flight will perish about swift, the newest solid will not strengthen their stamina, nor will the brand new great submit themselves; the guy will perhaps not stand which covers the fresh bend, the brand new quick of base should not deliver himself, nor shall the guy which flights a pony send himself

Israel got reached the end of her better age prosperity as the duration of Solomon. The nation try steeped, effective and you can really-equipped, pleased in her own you’ll, abilities, knowledge, wide range, strategic professionals and you will courage. Whom you will definitely stand up against Israel? However, Jesus thunders the fresh new warning that all the country’s sheer efficiency (Amos dos:14), gotten enjoy (verse 15) and outstanding qualities (verse 16) would not help the girl.

Men understand the energy of a country within the wealth, inhabitants, armaments, technology and education. However, where does Goodness research? “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin try a beneficial reproach to virtually any some body” (Proverbs ). The fresh Bible suggests that the reason behind the rise and you may fall of countries is moral and you can spiritual. Once the Amos suggests, no country is trust its energy, fuel and you may riches to save it regarding the devastating results of moral rust. Ethical, moral and you can religious dilemmas can’t be fixed by the money, power out of palms, “Celebrity Battles” projects, societal apps, intelligence or humanitarian goodwill.

While the Israel got forfeited this lady privileged status, Jesus guaranteed so you’re able to wreck their when he forgotten the brand new Amorites and you may the fresh new Egyptians (Amos 2:9-ten; 4:10, 12). The people from Israel choose to go so far you to definitely Jesus asked no repentance from their website. Particularly Ecclesiastes step three, Amos suggests there is certainly a duration of opportunity and you can a period of time when chance is fully gone. Plainly, Israel’s opportunity to regret got not survived. It had been too-late!

As he had fought its fights in their eyes in the past, now God manage combat her or him. Whatever its courage or solutions, absolutely nothing carry out come in the prefer. The things that got previously offered Israel strength when you look at the war carry out getting turned into against him or her.

It next definition seems to match an informed, when he proceeds so you’re able to foretell Israel’s exhaustion

And i also brings a blade up against you that may do the latest vengeance out-of My personal covenant; while you are attained with her inside your urban centers I can post pestilence certainly one of your; and you also shall be lead towards the give of the enemy . . . . But for the purpose I am able to remember the covenant of the ancestors, whom We introduced of your own residential property away from Egypt from the attention of the nations, that we is the God: I’m god. (Leviticus , 45)